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Sometimes referred as "sex addition", Compulsive Sexual Behaviours are repetitive and unwanted sexual behaviours that are having a negative impact on your life.


Some of these could include:


. Sexual activities and behaviours that are difficult to stop despite them bringing negative impact and consequences to life and relationships


. Feeling bad and ashamed about certain sexual behaviours


. Engaging in regular non-consensual non-monogamy (commonly known as "cheating") on partner/s

. Problematic use of pornography to the point of it having a negative effect on life

. Gay men and Chemsex


I am currently undergoing specialised training in this area and am able to offer some limited reduced fees to clients presenting these issues for the duration of my training, expected to finish in September 2024.


My approach to working with Compulsive Sexual Behaviours is sex-positive, psychotherapeutically framed and based on contemporary psycho-sexological interventions. I do not work from a "Sex/Love Addiction/sexual sobriety" model.

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