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The way that we relate to others is, to a great degree, strongly influenced by our earlier relationship experiences, as well as by the society and culture that we live in. These component can make relationships both an exciting as well as a complex experience for us which, sometimes, might not work to each partner's best potential, or for the benefit of the relationship. At times, we may become stuck in repeated patterns of communication, reacting in similar ways time after time.

Whether you are in a romantic union of two (or more) people, a parent and adult child, work colleagues or friends, Relationship Therapy can help you take a deep dive into the dynamics of the way you relate, explore where it comes from and work out how best to use it for the benefit of all involved. This space can also help you identify your differences in personality, values and needs, and how best to accept these for the enrichment of the relationship.

This work is about embracing conflict rather than running away from it. There is immense growth potential in conflict.

Some questions that you might like to ask yourselves are:

What kind of relationship would i like to have?


What do I personally need to do to make that happen?


How motivated am i to make those changes?


I offer couples'/relationship therapy having completed specialist training:

Level 5 Certificate in Couple/Relationship Therapy, accredited by COSRT (College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists).  


Couple's/Relationship Therapy can either take place weekly for 60 minutes (at a cost of £80 for the sessions) or fortnightly for 90 minutes (£100 per session).

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